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Saturday 16th March

Stupa to Stupa

A 54 km trail race & mega hiking challenge to finish within 12 hours.

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Here’s a great opportunity for people training for big races – 100 km, 100 miles etc. You know who you are! Now is a good time to get miles and hill climbing training for your legs, and a back-to-back, day after day set of trail runs is a perfect boost for that.

The trail route around the hills of the valley is somewhere around 130 km when measured with a tracker recording once per hour, others state 170 km. There are of course a number of peaks to climb – great, long climbs of up to 1000m straight.

You can get views like this!

Kathmandu Valley Fastpack

So as you might expect, encircling a city, there’s quite a bit of up and down. Here’s info from a guy called Seth Wolpin who first tried to do a run around the valley as a FKT. This is not the same route as the training camp takes, so please ignore the figures, but gives an idea of the journey.

Fastest Known Time FKT Nepal

Diagram of the route from a previous Fastest Known Time attempt by Seth Wolpin

Profile of the "Tour de Kathmandu Valley"

Profile of the “Tour de Kathmandu Valley”

Worth reading for background this article by Seth Wolpin about his Fastest Known Time attempt.

Up to date information about the training camp with Lizzy Hawker is here.

Training Camp Info

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