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Saturday 28th September

Stupa to Stupa

A 54 km trail race & mega hiking challenge to finish within 12 hours.

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“It’s the best trail I’ve ever run.”

– Pavel Dusek, 2nd, Czech Republic.

“Thanks you and the team for organizing this. It was a fantastic route, well supported, and a great challenge. Feeling very accomplished today.”

– Alistair Turkington, UK

“The course was amazing. It was ‘challenging‘, although that description is not quite adequate. The elevation gain seemed continuous in a weird MC Escher kind of way. Many times I thought, ‘surely we need to go down now.’ The route had stunning views of Kathmandu and took us through villages and rice fields. The course markings were excellent – well placed (obvious) and frequent. I only got lost twice: once while in a group of four runners, and I figured out that we were going the wrong way because I hadn’t seen a marking in the last 5 minutes. When we backtracked, we found the turn we missed, marked with multiple arrows and ribbons no less. Our bad. And the second time was at the Boudhanath Temple where we (running with another runner from Nepal) missed the turn to the finish area and did an extra loop around the temple. And again, my bad as I didn’t read my email with the map directions to the finish line and missed the obvious markings. My ability to think and navigate on the back half of the race (since I was not in good shape with the food poisoning and all) may have been equivalent to a eight year old, ten year old at best. So kudos to Lizzy for the excellent course marking in herding a 8 year old equivalent. My only issue with the race was with CP2 running low on water. There were a few bottles left when I arrived at CP2, so enough to have a drink but not enough to fill a bladder, which was empty at that point. I opted to run without water rather than be an asshole to incoming runners.”

– Katannya Kapeli, USA.

“Stupa to Stupa is as much an aesthetic experience as it is a trail race. By starting and finishing at Kathmandu’s two UNESCO -listed Buddhist temples, rising above the city to see the Himalayas closer, stopping at every temple and monastery along the way – so many that I lost count – and running through parts of the city and Shivapuri Natural Park allows you to experience some of the diversity of Nepal in one race. It was a tough course but also a transformative experience.”

– Tyler Wasson, USA. Read his report here.