Thanks for the great organization. First time for us in Nepal, race+tourism is a perfect combination. Seriously thinking to register Annapurna 100. Simone Capoferri, Italy

You feel completely away from the city for 50 kms and at the same time a fully serviced race where you are never in doubt where to go, always supplied with good food and drinks and a dose of encouragement at the checkpoints and get to sit back and see the sun set on the Boudha Stupa with a chilled beer afterwards. Can’t wait to Annapurna, thank you Richard, Mira and the trail running Nepal family! Jimi Oostrum

Thank you for an incredible introduction to Nepal, I flew in from Hong Kong to run this race and I was not disappointed. The trails were such a pleasure to run and the race was impeccably organised, with clear markings and great CPs. I can’t wait to come back and race again with Trail Running Nepal 🙂 Thank you to everyone who volunteered. Tanya Bennet


Congratulations to the following people who finished in the January 2nd Kathmandu Ultra. The top finisher results are listed below here.


Number Name Country Time
80km Female
1 814 Lizzy Hawker UK 12:36:40
80km Male
1 927 Bhim Bahadur Gurung NEPAL 8:46:50
2 821 Rajan Rokaya NEPAL 8:46:52
3 926 Dhirendra Bahadur Budha NEPAL 9:12:00
4 813 Henrik Westerlin NETHERLANDS 10:29:00
5 820 Ram Puri NEPAL 10:50:10
6 928 Bhim Gurung NEPAL 11:49:00
50km Female
1 534 Bishnu Maya Budha NEPAL 6:07:38
2 1002 Raj Pura Panchhai NEPAL 6:20:40
3 515 Amy Gordon USA 7:20:42
4 513 Yasuko Nomura Japan 7:29:00
5 923 Kanchi Maya Koju Nepal 8:43:00
50km Male
1 535 Dipendra Bam NEPAL 5:13:30
2 924 Narayan Desar NEPAL 5:38:40
3 528 Raj Pradhan NEPAL 6:07:00
4 903 Joe Waite UK 6:18:00
5 526 Dinesh Maharjan NEPAL 6:24:00
6 801 Richard Coghlan New Zealand 6:25:05
27km Female
1 142 Purnalaxmi Neupane Nepal 3:23:10
2 914 Mira Rai Nepal 3:25:59
3 508 Sarah Tanner USA 4:07:20
27km Male
1 255 Govinda Prasad Adhikari Nepal 2:38:25
2 910 Amrit Tamang Nepal 3:02:47
3 253 Manish Tamang Nepal 3:07:00
12km Male
1 148 Ramesh Maharjan Nepal 2:11:00
2 150 Rajesh Maharjan Nepal 2:11:50
3 138 Niroj Maharjan Nepal 2:15:30
12km Female
Awaiting contact details of on the spot entries

After two successful Kathmandu Ultra events, and many other shorter events held in the Shivapuri-National park, the new park warden (Chief Conservation Officer) Kamal Jung Kunwar.

Inexplicably he decided that a running event (ours) would not be given permission until the rule book was amended, even though his two predecessors had been happy to work together with us.

Why? It is not clear. While clearly stating it is was not against any law or rule to hold a running event in the national park, it did not explicitly say in the park rule book that “running events are allowed”. It’s fine to land a helicopter in the park, drive a bus or jeep in, have a mass picnic, ascend to the temple en mass for religious festivals, drive dirt-bikes in or go in a s a group of mountain bikers – but no running races.

Normally rule books say what is not permitted. When we know what is not allowed, then everyone can abide by the rules, keep the peace and harmony, and enjoy the park environment.

In this case, we’ve waited, petitioned, called in favours from higher-up people, pleaded, persisted, but no result. A letter was written to suggest that the rules be amended, and it is passing so many desks and so many pens in the bureaucracy before it will result in the 349 page national park rule book finally being updated to reflect the fact that running races are permitted.

We held out hoping this would happen for us in time, but a “stop calling me” style of customer service from those responsible means we have no hope of helping the process along.

A boring story maybe, but has meant a hell of a lot of work for us – we have to relocate the race and design four courses within 10 days over Christmas.

However – we’ve been working on some great trails around the Phulchowki hill which at over 2900m is the highest in the Kathmandu Valley. We’ll update you very,very soon!

50km route suggestion

50km route (provisional)

view from phulchowki ram puri 2

View from Phulchowki

view from phulchowki ram puri 3

Nepal, still cooking on wood!

These are the hotels and places to stay that we know of in Godawari, Kathmandu.

They are located on this Godawari map so you can see how far from the start they are.

Many thanks to all who turned out for an excellent race on 27th September 2014. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Please find the results below and a link to images from the race hosted at Trail Running Nepal.

Next race is on January 3rd in Shivapuri.

Thanks to Narayan Acharya, Lizzy Hawker for results and payments, Godawari VDC, Nepal Army, Nepal Police, all the checkpost folks, Red Fox, The Last Resort, Yeti Travels, Ram Sundar Karki, Suman Basnet and anyone else who helped out that we’ve not mentioned. Good job!

kathmandu trail Running race

Here are more images thanks to

Red Fox 50km event

Position Name Number M/F Time
1 Damodar Dudha Magar M 43 5:15:13
2 Durga Raj Bhutha M 21 5:27:30
3 Bihim Bdr Gurung M 29 5:36:29
4 Nabraj Shrestha M 4 6:20:08
5 Narayan Deshar M 7 6:26:08
6 Edwin Perry M 38 6:53:50
7 Jan-Jilles van der Hoeven M 36 7:19:44
8 Raj Pradhan M 1 7:30:23
9 Lars Olsen M 8 7:39:29
10 Chhoygen Lama M 3 7:45:56
11 Posan Samser Limbu M 25 8:06:05
12 Ruben Marc Cano Gozalbo M 33 8:26:05
13 Dinesh Maharjan M 34 8:35:23
14 Mahendra Bajracharya M 10 8:36:02
15 Jimi Oostrum M 30 8:38:02
16 Dennis Curry M 42 8:45:11
17 Christopher Cloud M 39 8:57:47
18 Veronica Cristina Vargas Roman F 5 8:57:47
19 Rekha Gurung F 32 9:32:05
20 David Ingham M 41 10:28:53
1 Alen Pujol M 31 DNF 21km
2 Le Blay Gaétan M 2 DNF 21km

The Last Resort 17.9km results

Some checking to be done here but these are 90% ready results…

Position Name Sex Number Time
1 Bhumi Raj Rai M 70 1:20:35
2 Man Bahadar Thapa M 14 1:20:45
3 Binod Sijapati M 8 1:26:29
4 Surendra Rana M 38 1:37:42
5 Sergio Lobos Araneda M 10 1:38:42
6 Chris Phillips M 12 1:39:16
7 Jesse Heckrodt M 45 1:44:35
8 Maheshwor Manandhar M 9 1:50:53
9 ? 2 1:50:54
10 Michael Bowen M 5 2:03:32
11 Rabi Karmacharya M 42 2:04:14
12 Heather Olson F 35 2:07:57
13 Soenke Ziesche M 36 2:09:39
14 Hiroto Shrestha M 40 2:14:40
15 ? 11 2:23:20
16 Saraswati Rai F 6 2:25:20
17 Ranu Lama F 34 2:34:12
18 Adrian Richardson M 1 2:36:15
19 Yogendra Bhattachan M 17 2:38:50
20 Sonya Martin F 52 2:40:05
21 Sahadev Byanjankar M 30 2:42:50
22 Suman Basnet M 4 2:42:51
23 Shasa Shrestha F 33 2:44:37
24 Sonam Shah Thakuri F 23 2:45:01
25 Anitti Rautavaara M 44 2:49:30
26 Jukka Ilomaki M 43 2:49:30
27 Sancha Hakya M 50 2:49:30
28 Lhakpa Doma Sherpa M 71 2:57:24
29 Sarina Piya F 25 2:59:39
30 Bishal Thapa M 24 2:59:46
31 Suyoz Tulodhor M 51 3:00:15
32 Bimala Shrestha Pokharel F 3 3:01:42
33 Helen Fry F 32 3:02:42
34 Madhav Pahari M 37 3:08:05
35 Joanna Morrison F 41 3:17:35
36 Neil Schuyler Horning M 22 3:24:54
37 Haytham Salah Saqr M 13 3:37:47
38 Miki Upreti F 31 3:52:26
39 Bishmu Kumar Tamang M 7 DNF
40 Katherine Grunbery F 46 DNF

— An email from the UTMB® —

We are contacting you concerning the name of your race Kathmandu Ultra Trail Race.

We would like to inform you that the trademarks Ultra-Trail®, Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®, UTMB® and CCC®, and also the “little man on the logo” are registered trademarks protected on several formal registers, notably the French registrations n°03 3 263 524 et n° 04 3 268 329 and the Community (EU) n°6811079 & n°6811137.
The brand Ultra-Trail® is also protected in Japan and China under the respective numbers 1132919 & 1135683 (17Sept 2012) and 1135683 & 1132919 (17 Sept 2012 and 19 Aug 2013)

We pay attention to the defence of our trademarks, that is why we authorise their use in a specific manner under the conditions below. While we tolerate the use of a trademark, it is essential that the symbol ® also appears. Not respecting this rule will result in a legal procedure respecting our rights.

The use of our trademarks is reserved for those with a partnership contract or a contractual licence.
The use of our trademark Ultra-Trail® is only tolerated upon specific authorisation outside a licence or partnership. Its systematic use must be for that which it was registered and fulfil the following conditions:
– No acronym may be created from Ultra-Trail®.
– Ultra-Trail® must, on no account, be used as in a descriptive nature or as a common noun.
– The spelling must never be changed.
– The hyphen must not be removed.
– The words may not be cut or regrouped.
– The plural form may not be used.
– No other word may be added between the brand name and the ®.
– Ultra-Trail® must never be associated with third party commercial brands.

More specifically, the use of the trademark “Ultra-Trail®” may only be authorised when referring to popular trail-running races in the format trail ultra XL (see the International Trail Running Association’s definition – as from 100km), which respect the environment and the ITRA’s values.

We note that your race does not comply with the criteria stated above. Consequently, you are not authorised to use our trademark and we expressly request that you:
-immediately cease to use the trademark “Ultra-Trail®”
-choose a race name which does not use our trademark or any similar denomination.

We are at your disposition to answer any questions you might like to ask concerning this subject.


Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®
Nicolas Lagrange

tel : +33 (0)4 50 53 47 51

Thanks a million to the team at Snickers in Nepal. They support all of the runners with something they really needed – energy! Snickers sponsored our checkpoints with enough bars for all the runners for the 3 different distances, the 11km, the tougher 27km, and the killer 50km which summits Shivapuri twice! Thanks Snickers!

“Thanks Snickers! It was perfect  grab snickers bar after the run!!!” said Sonam Shah at the finish.


“Couldn’t resist one at Nagi Gumba… And it was gooood,” said Posan Samser Limbu at Nagi Gomba on the 27km run.

Runners going on hilly trails like this burn up to 750 Calories per hour so checkpoints must be well stocked with energy. Thanks Snickers for helping us all have a great race! snickers nepal

On the morning of the inaugural Kathmandu Ultra, we stood at the gate of the Shivapuri National Park craning our necks up to the challenge that lay before us. A light dew covered the grass and a soft breeze moved the cool air through the edge of the valley. A few of us had loaded onto the early bus and braved the morning chill in order to start the race at 7:00 am, an hour before most of the competitors began. There were three courses– 50 kilometers (km) 27 km, and 11 km. But even the shortest among them deserves respect, climbing 1,100 meters straight to the top of Shivapuri on several thousand hand-carved stone steps.

kathryn sall at kathmandu ultra trail 50km nepal

Kathryn Sall on the village trails of the 27km course of the KTM Ultra Trail race

With a “three, two, one!” we were on our ways. The 11k started on the relentless stone steps, and two longer courses followed a gently inclining single track that met the stairs a few hundred meters up. With straining breath and sweaty brow, I marched upwards, gaining false hope that I had topped out each time the terrain flattened. We journeyed up to the ridge, where you could steal a glimpse of the snow-covered Ganesh Himal and Langtang ranges to the north.

The 11k racers caught no break– immediately after their climb, their legs had to take them right back to where they started. The longer courses continued onto lovely, runnable trail that gently went down over the course of seven km. Through the cover of the forest, I could see snippets of the peaks to my left and the valley to my right. The ultra course continued to Chisapani, where it then descended to Mulkharka. Running the 27 km course, I instead went straight down to Mulkharka, through the terraced farmland, where I was greeted by an enthusiastic aid station loaded with fuel for the final push– oranges, tea, biscuits, and more. I drank some juice, pocketed a Snickers bar, and went on my way, climbing another 600 meters through shady forest to the striking Nagi Gumba. From here begins the final descent to the finish line. The 50k runners continue back up the steps to the top of Shivapuri before returning back down to end their race. Climbing those stairs twice in one day is an impressive feat in itself, much less in addition to 50k of running.

It was a spectacular race for anyone enthusiastic about running (or walking), filled with the quiet of the mountains and the companionship of the other racers. Yes, my legs were tired, but it was well worth it. I’d highly recommend signing up for its second iteration in January of 2015, a great way to bring in the new year.