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Saturday 9th December

Kathmandu Ultra

A hard 50km, and a tough 80-ish km course, plus some fun runs.

Gives 1 and 2 UTMB qualifying points

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The Kathmandu Ultra is cancelled for 2017. See you in 2018.

Images from 2016

Results from 2016

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Kathmandu Ultra 2016 flyer (800)

Race rankings

mira rai in italy

Race T-shirt modelled by Mira Rai (though in Italy, not Nepal)

The ITRA has evaluated the course and given the following rankings:

Kathmandu Ultra 2017 – 80 Km,
actuellement évaluée par l’ITRA à 2 point(s) (4 new)

Kathmandu Ultra 2017 – 50 Km,
actuellement évaluée par l’ITRA à 1 point(s) (3 new)

  Mountain Finisher
80 Km 80.50km / 4320m+ 744-16087 7 410
  50 Km 50.90km / 3170m+ 744-16085 8 370

More information about our system of evaluation by clicking here: http://i-tra.org/?id=97&paginNum=1 and UTMB qualifying races list.

2015 race report

Check the race report on Trail Running Nepal

bed bahadur sunuwar kathmandu ultra

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