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Saturday 9th December

Kathmandu Ultra

A hard 50km, and a tough 80-ish km course, plus some fun runs.

Gives 1 and 2 UTMB qualifying points

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Please use our contact  form,  to post any question you may have. It’s also a good idea to check this page again as the race draws close for any updates.

How will the course be marked?

Course MarkingPlease be sure to study the course maps prior to the race. We will be tying red/orange ribbons to tree branches and shrubs at important junctions (the sweepers will remove these after course cutoff times). During long stretches, there will be an occasional ‘confidence ribbon’ so that you know you are on the right course. You shouldn’t go more then 1/2 a kilometer without seeing a course marking. We will also use some special temporary spray paint occasionally to mark the course with arrows and where there is not enough vegetation to tie ribbons; the rains will wash this paint away. In other words, we will do our best to mark the course but please do your best to pay attention.

What will the weather be like on January 3rd?

Here is the current forecast, which may change, on Accuweather.com

I’ve never run a 50km race before. Should this be my first?

As much as we love this course and want people to come out and enjoy it – we don’t recommend it as your first 50km if you have not completed a similar distance before. The course has some significant climbing (3,000 meters of gain and loss is nothing to sneeze at). Consider the 27km course which has a lot of difficulty in its own right.What can I expect at the aid stations?

What can I expect at the aid stations?

Staff will do their best to help you fill your water reservoirs. They will also ask for your race number and record what time you came in, it is always a good idea to double check what is written. There will be some basic snacks, mostly simple carbohydrates like: bananas, muesli bar, cookies/biscuits, rehydration salts. Please take only what you need so there is something left for others.

What else should I carry?

For the 27km, 50km & 80km

  • Extra food like chocolate and nuts. Something salty to replace electrolytes
  • Small first aid kit, especially blister dressings.
  • Water purification tablets if you are not happy drinking spring water.

For the 50km& 80km

  • Headlamp and extra batteries. This is more for if you get lost late in the day.
  • We highly recommend you carry a small emergency reflective foil blanket.

What is the estimated temperature range that we can expect for this event?

Historically, early January weather could be expected to be dry and in the 15-22℃ range during the day, with temperatures possibly below 6℃ in the early morning and at night on the forest trails. Rain is unusual in January, but not impossible and it will feel much colder if it rains. Please check weather forecast before the race and make sure to wear appropriate clothing to protect yourself. When we get closer to the race date, we will send an email to inform our participants for weather information.

Going to the toilet on the course

An issue of great concern is toilet paper and human faeces being left visibly on the track. You can find a toilet in Dandagaon (50/80km), Chisapani (50/80km), Mulkharka (27/50/80km) and Nagi Gumba. Please use one of these toilets if possible. Otherwise please go 3 meters away from the trail. Take toilet paper away with you in a plastic bag to the finish. Or better still, use leaves. Remember Leave No Trace!

Can I store my things at the start?

Yes. Please make sure your name is on everything you leave behind. We will give you a label and write your race number on it. Bring a bag with you big enough for your things.

Can I change events on the day?

Yes. Just make sure the race organisers know before the start so we can let the checkpoints know who’s coming and who’s not coming. Make sure you pay the difference in entry fee. There is no refund if dropping down to a shorter event. If you drop from 80 → 50 at Chisapani during the race, please inform officials at the finishing line. This is important.

What happens if I have to drop out?

First of all carry the race directors’ number (). You need to carry enough money with you to get home using a taxi or local transport. We suggest having Rs 1000 with you just in case. Finding transport might not be easy, so more reason to ensure you’re carrying some warm clothing with you.

50/80km runners – You can drop out at Gurje Bhanjyang (ask at checkpoint for options), Chisapani (no public transport here, may get a motorbike ride to Sundarijal), Chauki Bhanjyang (infrequent transport), Vajra Yogini Temple (walk down to Sankhu village), Mulkharaka/Sundarijal (walk to Sundarijal buspark).

12km runners, there is no meaningful option to drop out. Try to walk to finish the course. 27km runners could drop out at Mulkharka or Sundarijal and take a bus from the buspark.

Can send clothes to a checkpoint on the 80km route?

It is possible to send small items to Sundarijal. They must be in a sealed plastic bag and labeled with your name and race number. You must do this yourself.

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