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Saturday 9th December

Kathmandu Ultra

A hard 50km, and a tough 80-ish km course, plus some fun runs.

Gives 1 and 2 UTMB qualifying points

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Lisette Reek, NL, 2016 12km participant
Had an amazing day ??? (our last day in nepal ??) and it was our first trailrun – we got hooked !!  Thanks and hoping to do this run again in the future ??

 Jase Wilson, USA, 2015 participant

  1. ​I did the 50 km race
  2. The climb to the top of Shivapuri and the steps were challenging, but it makes the run quite varied and different. I realized (too late) that one needs to have a strategy for how to run the race and how to tackle all that elevation gain over such a short distance. What the steps do afford though, are nice long rolling down hill sections.
    1. Overall I felt that the track was quite nice to run, not too technical, not too steep (in terms of the actual slope gradient)
  3. The weather didnt effect the run too much, it was cold in the morning and a little slippery, but this is a borderline mini adventure race on a 2700m mountain! What would it be without interesting weather? Although the fog was a little spooky in sections, it made (for me) the race more memorable and feel more adventurous
  4. It was about exactly what I expected in terms of difficulty. The first 10 km was quite stunning, a nice rolling jeep track with fantastic views of the rising sun.
  5. Running in nepal is fantastic, the nepali runners are very inspiring and strong. Talented, friendly. The little villages you run through during the final 20km are fun and charming. The garbage always breaks my heart, especially to see it in the mountains in in beautiful places.
  6. I enjoyed the run and the track, but mostly I enjoyed the Nepali racers and people. Very supportive and friendly. I really enjoyed the BIG mountain feel that Shivapuri can have. The topography is pretty unreal between the steep ascents and descents. All this allows for an interesting elevation profile.
  7. Things I would like to add:
    1. ​If I were in Nepal to do the race again I would bring a lot less stuff with me and treat the race as less of an adventure race and more of a mountain marathon. I planned on taking a long time (hence I took a long time). After running it I realized that there are a lot of places where a runner could take refuge, bail out or seek food (after Chisapani at 30km).
    2. This was my first ultra so I did not know what to expect, but the track was far easier to follow than I imagined.
Overall the race was pretty spectacular, I hope the race gets bigger in the future and gains more interest from runners around the world. I have never completed another Ultra, but I have completed long runs in British Columbia, California, France, Italy, Africa, Asia, etc. I would say that the track is certainly worthy of attention from international runners, if not at the very least, on the semi-domestic level (India, China, South East Asia, etc.).

Manuel Silva, Brazil, 2015 participant in the 27km

  1. What did you think of the climb to Shivapuri and the steps? That`s a wall! The steps were not easy to climb, but the enviroment is beautiful, you are climbing right among the trees, inside the jungle. After half hour going up, it started to rain and that was awsome. Close to the peak, we couldn’t see to much because of the fog and the rain, the feeling was to be climbing in the clouds.
  2. How did the weather effect the run? The weather was a key element that changes the race. The foggy vision inside the jungle was striking to the runners. The rain also made the decend single track just after the Shivapuri peak really slippery! That was really techincal decend run, which i faced dificulties, i fell into the gournd twice. However, when I start to go down after the peak, the rain has stopped and sun showed up, lighting the wet leaves and the ground, it created an impressive bright view.
  3. Was it harder or easier than you expected? Oh that was definitely harder. When I register for the 27km, in spite of the warnings from the staff that the distances may elude you, I thought would be easy. When I got into the km 19, I regret my self for every word I said about that haha!
  4. If it was your first time in Nepal, how did you find running here? That was my first time in Nepal. Sincerely, I had no idea about when I would go to Nepal. I even didnt know too much about the country. I just decided to go because of the race, and I loved the country. I even extended my stay for 5 days, to travel around Nepal, going to Pokhara and climbing to Poon Hill. There are one of the most amazing views I have ever seen, and the people is lovely.
  5. What did you enjoy the most? Definitely, the people. We ran through some small villages and houses in the mountain, and people waving for us all the way. little kids playing and also waving and the smell of wood stoven preparing luch made me to remember my home back in countryside Brazil.
  6. Anything else you would like to add? I need to mention the organization of the race was great. The registration, the food after the race (that was really delicious!), the marks along the trail, the maps and routes, everything was really good and well organized. Thank you all the staff!

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