Saturday 9th July

Sindhupalchowk International Trail Race

31km / 18km of nice running in the villages of Sindupalchowk just a few hours from Kathmandu.

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Running in Thulo sirubari Sindhupalchowk

2015 race flyer

To begin, here’s a flyer for you to share. There is a Facebook event page here.

Where is Chautara?

It’s about 3 hour’s drive from Kathmandu to the East in Sindhupalchowk district, one of the most affected by the earthquake. Thulo Sirubari translates, more or less, Big Siru-Grass Field.


A bit of background

rami puri running france

Ram Puri running in France

Ram Puri has visited France several times to visit his guests – he’s a French speaking trekking guide. He has instigated many development projects in his village, and made a woman’s race last year which was much enjoyed. Again this year he wanted to make a big trail race for all to enjoy. This is Ram Puri pictured to the right.

RACE REPORT 2015: you can read about it here.

30km & 18km routes will be available.

Here’s some of the scenery you can expect in the area.



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