Saturday 23rd June

Sindhupalchowk International Trail Race

50 km / 21 km of nice running in the villages of Sindupalchowk just a few hours from Kathmandu.


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Can’t come to the race? Then sponsor a local runner to race in your place!

running prize winner nepal

Prize winner for a recent, impromptu running race.

“The village’s homes and community buildings have been shaken to the ground. People are feeling numbed. Some people have been thinking of leaving. This race event will give us all some energy and help us know that ‘We are still alive!’ This will be very useful,” says Ram Puri.

This is something for the community to look forward to and something to bring people together. It’s tried and tested. Ram held this race last year for women in the village, which was enjoyed, and this year twice, hundreds have turned up to watch children running in two different villages.

Sponsor a runner

We don’t know how many children will run in the short race, but Ram would like their participation to bring something meaningful to them. If we can collect sponsorships for as many runners as possible, then we can give a certificate to all participants and they will know that their effort collected X Rupees for their school or village project.

What will the money be spent on?

Ram thinks the following:

  1. Rebuild schools.
  2. We can help with school writing books for students who lost everything.
  3. Provide some first aid equipment every school and also in the village.
  4. People lost many animals, so for really poor families we can buy some goats or small pigs. It is also good because they can have more compost with animals and they can do organic farming – no need to use chemicals.
  5. We rebuild the broken wood machine to make healthier beaten rice and brown rice but it’s broken and we want to repair it again – it’s really useful. Especially when there is no electricity – it might not come for months.

The Village Development Committees (VDCs) who will participate:

  1. Kadambas
  2. Sangachowk
  3. Irkhu
  4. Sano Sirubari
  5. Thulo Sirubari
  6. Doduwa
school broken Sipapokhare

Damaged school in Sipapokhare nr Thulo Sirubari.

How to sponsor?

$10, $20, $30 or more: your choice. You will get a photograph of the runner you sponsor (posted on Facebook), and an online pat on the back! It is going to be tricky to manage donations, so we’ll pool everything together and Ram will divide accordingly. We’ll let you know how that turns out.

You can donate in USD or Eur depending on where you are using the donate buttons below.
$10, $20, $30, $40 or your choice. You will get a photograph of the runner you sponsor before and after, and an online pat on the back!

Sponsorship for this race is now closed! Thanks to all who sponsored!

If you are in the UK, please use this link

It all goes to the same objective!

Thank you! The event is going to be a lot of fun and we look forward to reporting back to you after the 27th.

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